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Good morning Macy!

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Shhhh – He has no idea; he’s sleeping

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Macy likes seaweed salad! :)

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“Give Them Grace” – the next parenting book I’m reading


This book is much stronger in Christian theology than it is in “quick parenting tips.” That’s why I like it. I’m only about half way through, but it’s re-shaped the way I approach parenting and challenging me personally as well.

She brings back everything to the gospel:



On motivation for obedience:

screen-shot-09-23-16-at-10-20-am_sm  screen-shot-09-23-16-at-10-21-am_sm

For one example, she tells a story of two siblings David & Susan. Their basic mindsets can be compared to the prodigal son (David) and the self-righteous older brother (Susan).


In my childhood, I was always the “the good girl.” I’ve identified before with the self-righteous older brother, annoyed at the father’s gracious welcome to the irresponsible, disrespectful younger brother. “Why should he get a party?! I’m the one who has been here all along, being ‘good’!”


So true.

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I’m confused…

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Disney Springs family adventure

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Capri Sun with surprise inside

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Apple bites

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How Macy eats an orange…

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