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Guess what Macy insisted on wearing today…


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Macy’s fashion statement for today


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Batman reveals his true identity

[Backstory: Bruce Wayne has a pet fish and a dog.]

Batman: “Nemo, Puppy… you’ve always been close to me, like pets…” 

Puppy: “Bruce…?”

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Cooking with Macy


Dad & daughter swing giggles


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Macy’s tea party

We were out for a family adventure the other day, and stumbled upon a photoshoot by Sara Kearney Photography for another cute 2-year old little girl. She kindly let me snap a shot of Macy with her set-up. :)


It was tricky to get that kid to smile. For a while I thought I might just have pictures of the saddest tea party ever.

2016-10-09-sad-tea-party_smSo sad..


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Macy Plays on the Playground Like a Big Kid

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Working from home is becoming a bit challenging

Everyone is working from home today because of the hurricane… And all the schools are closed… So I imagine collectively there’s not much work getting done.

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Hurricane prep

Here’s ours:

Check out this guy’s:

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So true.


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