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The toxicity of our work-a-holic lifestyle in advertising … of cereal bars. 

We know our American culture is obsessed with workaholism, being “busy,” and not having time for the important things in life.

And we know that we view ourselves in it as a martyr; it’s our cross to bear, after all, for being so important and smart.

But to what end?

Last night I found out my great aunt passed away unexpectedly. We had just seen her about a month ago and she got to meet Jackson. She made a birthday cake for Macy.

(My Great Aunt Nancy – far right)

I already lament, with regularity, the lack of time I have for the things I want to do, for the things that matter most to me. But I still don’t know how to escape this trap. I desperately want more time to spend with family and friends. I want to live life with those I cherish. But alas, distance makes that impossible; schedules make it difficult; and the busyness of my life keeps it just out of reach.

I don’t want this life. I don’t subscribe to this opinion of thought – that people matter primarily as producers of things, and secondarily, if there’s any time left, as enjoyers of life.

This morning I was throwing away boxes of garbagey, processed-food cereal bars that I had for Macy for breakfast. So that she could eat quicker in the morning, so that I could get her to school on time, so that I wouldn’t be late to work.

And reading the advertisements on the back of these cereal bar boxes produced a visceral angry response.

“Who has time to eat?” – you mean, one of the base functions that our physical bodies need in order to survive?

“You’d be utterly exhausted, but only if you had a moment to stop and feel that way.” – you don’t even have time to feel tired?

Where have our lives gone and how do we get them back?

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Macy plays basketball

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Team Ralon dinner time

2017-01-31 18.32.14_sm

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Cooking with Macy

2017-01-21 10.30.14_sm

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South Florida trip!

2017-01-29 14.17.57_sm

2017-01-28 10.58.18_sm

2017-01-28 22.44.52_sm

2017-01-29 09.01.32_sm

2017-02-02 07.22.54_sm

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Making cookies – Team Ralon style

2017-01-02 20.56.32_sm

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These dead worms have been accumulating in my foyer for the last couple days…????


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VIDEO: A bug died in my gin

This was a couple years ago, and I just found the video again…

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Half-way fun day with Linda & Charlie

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Dad pushes Macy on the bean bag

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